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Environmental activities were held in the Carpathian Park for the International Day of Climate Protection

11 on May , 2023


On May 11, 2023, on the occasion of the International Day of Climate Protection and within the framework of the project "Improving recreational capacity in nature conservation and forest territories of Ukraine", which is implemented with the support of the U.S. Forest Service (U.S. Forest Service International Programs), environmental measures were held in the Carpathian National Nature Park participation of organization representatives, volunteers and park management.
The participants of the action visited the Visiting Center of the KNPP, where they were introduced to its history, features and significant places and traditions of the region.

Also, on the territory of the Zhenets nature protection research department, volunteers were presented with the project "Restoration of the ecological and educational trail "Zhenets-Polonina Yavirnyk Tract", which provides for the marking of this route, its clearing to ensure passability, placement of information stands and an observation and rest area.
"For the marking of this trail, we took as a basis modern brand books and requirements for signs, including appropriate colors, information content and materials. In addition, as part of the project, we plan to build an observation deck at the end of the route and install supporting tourist infrastructure. I would like to note that all works will be carried out taking into account the best examples of the long-term experience of the USA", - Nazarii Duke, representative of the organization, told the audience.
Afterwards, part of the volunteers together with the employees of the park jointly cleaned and cleared the territory of the park along the ecological and educational trail.

"Given that one of the most important components of raising public environmental awareness is the involvement of volunteers and local residents in activities aimed at preserving the environment. Today's patrolling of the park territory with the volunteers of the organization is a great initiative, because we have a practical opportunity to show and tell the public about the violations of environmental legislation that we fight every day. Among which: moving through the territory of the park and footpaths on motorized vehicles; making fires in places not intended for this purpose; damage to established signs, or non-fulfillment of their requirements, littering of the park territory, illegal felling, etc.," said Stepan Hoshovskyi, director of the Carpathian NPP.

"The peculiarity of today's events is that we have the opportunity to share the experience of our colleagues from the US Forest Service. In particular, to conduct an analogy and comparison in terms of registering and prosecuting violators of environmental legislation, involving volunteers and local residents in patrolling nature reserves, and also, which is no less important, to outline the prospects for further improvement of the environmental protection legislation of Ukraine within the framework of our project," added Mykola Turyk, head of the Project "Improving Recreational Capacity in Nature Conservation and Forest Territories of Ukraine".

We will remind you that the International Day of Climate Protection is celebrated annually on May 15.